Thursday, December 4, 2014

Last Minute Christmas Decor Ideas

            Christmas is indeed a joyous season awaited by Christians. As early as September, Christmas songs can be overheard on radios and music bars. Homes are decorated for the season as soon as Halloween is over. As for most homes in the Philippines, decorating for the holidays starts after the second day of November (after All Soul's Day). If there is this Christmas rush in shopping for gifts, there is also a rush in dressing up the homes for the holiday. If you do not have much time to decorate or just want to keep it simple and don't want to splurge on decors, here are some practical, quick and easy ways to spice up your home for the holidays.

Spruce up your window

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            Bring out old Christmas balls, ribbons and arrange them haphazardly on a window. That's easy to do and easy to remove and clean up after the holidays.

Bring Christmas cheer to your walls

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            Put to use old boxes, gift wrappers and ribbons and make them "gift wall decor". Or if your wall have picture frames already hanging on it, wrap these frames then carefully hang them back.

Christmas twigs

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            Dried twigs from the backyard can be an instant Christmas tree or ornament. Just be creative in putting them up in a beautiful vase. Other than Christmas balls, Yuletide symbols like bells, candy canes, tiny wreaths would look simply nice to hang on the twigs.

Yuletide centerpiece

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           Thick white candles on a cake platter surrounded by berries is an elegant and easy to do Christmas centerpiece. It will shed Christmas warmth on your table and gives a more festive look.

           We may fill our homes with decorations and ornaments to have that feeling of Christmas. What is more essential than that is the person or people who will be with us on that occasion. May we all be with the persons we love in this season of  Yule.
Nativity by Jeff Weese


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