Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cancer Prevention Through Crucifers

         There are many things around us that put us at risk to cancer:  tobacco use, certain infections, radiation, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, environmental pollutants. The cell is the fundamental structure of  living organisms. Cancer per se before it can manifest and produce harm to the body begins as abnormally developing cells. Cancer is a complex disease characterized by out of control cell growth.
          Most researches about cancer today are centered on its cure and prevention. One food group has been one of the focuses of these studies - the cruciferous vegetables, as they have been found rich in cancer preventing nutrients. Cruciferous vegetables are rich in several carotenoids ( beta carotene, lutein, xeaxanthin), vitamins C. E and K, folate, minerals and fiber. The cruciferous veggies are as follows:
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