Sunday, November 16, 2014

Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

           A few more weeks to go and here comes the season of love and gift giving. It's always best to plan ahead and think of thoughtful gifts that won't hurt your pocket. Make a list of  persons you intend to give a gift. Allocate a budget as to how much would you be spending for these gifts. Check out gift items displayed in malls, bazars and even in online shops and take note of those that fit your budget.
          Here are some gift ideas that may express thoughtfulness without ripping your purse. 

1. Jam and Fruit Preserves

           Bottled jams, jellies and fruit preserves abound in gift markets and bazars during this season. Fruit preserves like peaches, mandarin oranges make a good gift, too. They also come in varieties like organic and less sugar. Some stores offer these goodies already wrapped or their bottles decorated  and ready to be given away. Don't forget to check the shelf life though. You do not want it unfit for consumption come Christmas time.   

2. Personalized Stationery
           Monogramed notepads, personalized notebooks, and gift cards would make an elegant gift to family and friends. I happen to find this online shop with stylish and customized paper products. Worth mentioning is how fairly priced their products are - Posh Themes

3. Framed Vintage Images
         Graphics Fairy has vintage photos and printable for free. Download and print on your computer a chosen image, then have it framed or buy a matching photo frame and voila, a one of a kind gift.

4. Organic Soap

         Most people nowadays go after what is healthy and natural not only in food but also in personal care. 
        Organic soaps in different scents with beneficial effects would always be a sought-after gift especially by ladies. Most popular among these soaps are those which are hypoallergenic, with moisturizing, anti-aging and whitening properties. 

5. Coin Bank
        A coin bank as Christmas gift may seem childish (more so if the recipient is not a child). However, think of the deeper message this gift may convey. That is - to save. A lot of fancy coin banks can be found in gift shops- coin banks in the form of cake, house, etc. A simple, inexpensive gift that may also remind the importance of saving even the spare change. After all, its still hard-earned money. 

         Christmas is really a joyous season of love. We may use material things- pricey or not, to express our loving thoughts to persons that we care for. More significant than these tangible gifts is the sincere wish and prayer of happiness for these persons whom we care about. 

Photo Credits:
   Strawberries & Jam Bottle by hin255
   Notebook & Clock by topstep07
   Victorian Graphic by Graphics Fairy
   Shea Butter by africa 

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