Thursday, December 4, 2014

Last Minute Christmas Decor Ideas

            Christmas is indeed a joyous season awaited by Christians. As early as September, Christmas songs can be overheard on radios and music bars. Homes are decorated for the season as soon as Halloween is over. As for most homes in the Philippines, decorating for the holidays starts after the second day of November (after All Soul's Day). If there is this Christmas rush in shopping for gifts, there is also a rush in dressing up the homes for the holiday. If you do not have much time to decorate or just want to keep it simple and don't want to splurge on decors, here are some practical, quick and easy ways to spice up your home for the holidays.

Spruce up your window

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            Bring out old Christmas balls, ribbons and arrange them haphazardly on a window. That's easy to do and easy to remove and clean up after the holidays.

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